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Want To Be Like James Bond? You Can




If you’re honest with yourself, you know that you’ve wanted to be like James Bond. The guy is a legend.

007 has a thrilling career, a romantic love life, and the lifestyle of the rich and famous. “Bond, James Bond” protects the free world from evil scientists while cruising in rocket-missile capable sports cars.

You don’t just envy Bond for his fancy gadgets and hero moves (although those are sweet). You adore him because of his character traits of self-assurance, confidence, bravado, and independence. The guy can turn any situation of global chaos into control with sheer willpower.

Bond is the epitome of girls want to date him and guys want to be him. Who wouldn’t want to be like James Bond?

And where this applies to you is you can be like him. Just because James Bond is a fictional character, doesn’t mean you can’t take real principles or inspiration from him to improve your life.

You absolutely can. It goes with the philosophy whatever works, or do what you need to do.

And some days I do need to channel my inner-James Bond to step up to challenges, take risks, or live a more adventurous life.

So when you’re feeling down or want to level-up your life, look at the greatest spy in the world and his character traits below to give you a boost.

Live An Adventure

On Monday Bond is testing out new guns and gadgets at the England home base, and on Tuesday he’s in Brazil spying on international smugglers. The guy goes across the globe to eliminate evil and save the free world through one adventure to another. In each case, he’s tested mentally and physically in uncomfortable situations of life and death—but it sure is a thrill.

While Bond lives an adventure and travels for work, you’ll want to do it for pleasure. All of the benefits you gain traveling while you’re young are unreal. You can also live an adventure at home. Going outside your comfort zone to skydive, climb a mountain, or go white water rafting will make you feel alive. There’s truly nothing like living an adventurous life! Bond understands this, and that’s why MI6 can’t keep him cooped up in England.

Save Lives

Whether he’s saving the world, a lover, or himself, in every movie you’ll find him playing the hero and saving lives. I get that your life isn’t a movie and you can’t take on global terrorists. Yet you can have the same hero-like impact on the people in need through financial giving. There are charities and organizations all over the world that aim to improve or save the lives of people. When you give, your money heals the sick, feeds the hungry, or shelters the homeless. The only caveat is you must have the money to contribute to these mini-miracles, which is why saving, investing, and multiplying your money is huge.

The time to get in the know about your finances and how to make it grow is now. More money most importantly means more resources to financially help people in need. But it also means more freedom, better experiences (vacations and travel), less time being unhappy at work, and more peace of mind. Because money is so important in personal development, I spent six months writing Freedom Mindset. Read it to master your finances, get in position to help people with your money, and start imitating Bond.

Dress Your Best

You won’t find Bond wearing a shirt from high school with pit stains in it or growing a nasty neck beard. The man grooms himself and dresses like the best of them in his custom tailored suits that accentuate his muscled and toned physique. And there’s a reason behind his dedication to look good: confidence.

So, while I don’t recommend you spend a fortune buying Italian suits (that’ll ruin your bank account), your confidence will skyrocket when you take care of your appearance. Because what you wear affects how positive you feel about yourself and how you act, which creates the first impression on people you meet.

Stay groomed by showering each morning, brushing your teeth, spraying cologne or perfume, and putting on your best clothes to start the day. Have some idea of fashion sense and don’t look like you’ve been camping for a month. Regardless of your opinion, your appearance matters.

Become Extremely Fit

See that movie where James Bond ate unhealthy foods like donuts and Ho Hos and got fat sitting on the couch all weekend? I didn’t either. Otherwise, he’d surely die from jumping out of buildings and climbing onto moving helicopters. No, the man needs to stay physically ready at any time to chase down an assassin and fight in hand-to-hand combat with a guy twice his size.

You also need to prioritize your health and fitness to reach your potential each day.  So follow a regular workout routine—because you never know when you’ll need the endurance that comes from running or strength that comes from lifting weights. Eat nutritious foods that give you energy. What also matters is healthy sleep habits to assist your brain and body. Do this and you’ll gain byproducts like muscles and abs, which is part of the Bond appeal and charm.

Connect With And Charm Others

When you look past the guns and explosions, then it’s clear that Bond’s way with body language and words is his main draw. With his calculated wit and forward intentions, 007 gets the beautiful girl and pisses off his enemies all in one move. His top of the line confidence and social persuasion is unlike anyone we’ve ever seen, which makes him a must watch character. The qualities above about dressing with style and being in top shape give his influence its full effect.

I’ve written about how to connect with anyone in conversation and how to be cool. But knowledge is only part of it. What sticks with you is tons of practice trying to get someone’s number, win someone over at a party, and convincing the client to buy the upgrade service instead of the normal package. Social confidence comes from experience and putting yourself out there. Some human psychology and emotion connection wouldn’t hurt. Continue experimenting and you’ll get better, maybe as good as James himself.

Don’t Back Down From Challenges

James Bond is not the type of guy to put his head down and go home after being faced with a challenge, even if it seems insurmountable. You can have an entire army and shielded fortress, and 007 will find a way to penetrate it to kill you. He doesn’t let doubt get in his way since he’s confident in his ability.

To be like Bond, don’t back down when the challenge is tall and you’re not sure you can win. For example, stay confident when you see that hundreds of candidates have applied for the same job you covet. Look at the bright side that you know you have to prepare good interview answers and bring your A-game. There’s no other option except to prepare your hardest. Rise to your challenges in life like Bond, and you’ll become stronger as a result.

Finish Strong

Bond has been knocked out, tied down, and to the point where it seems like his defeat is but a forgone conclusion. Yet, through the struggle, he finds a way to get out of it and finish his mission. It’s like he believes he can’t fail and that’s what gives him the power to succeed. For this reasons, I admire how James Bond always finishes strong to close the deal.

What have you started that you’re thinking about giving up or you already quit? When the going gets tough is when you need to be at your best. Because finishing what you started sets the mentality that you won’t and can’t give up on what’s important to you. This attitude and some patience will propel you to greater achievements when your competition gives up. Being someone your friends, significant other, and family can count on to not give up on them is the definition of Mr. Reliable, aka Mr. Bond.

To have one last piece of fun with this, take the Buzzfeed quiz to see which Bond are you.

What’s your favorite quality of James Bond? Why do you want to be like him?


Personal Development

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions




With 2018 now underway, many of us have turned our attention toward New Year’s resolutions. Some take this more seriously than others, but we can all agree that it’s nice to take a fresh year as an opportunity for self-improvement.

You might have a goal of losing 20 pounds, reading a book every month, spending more time with family, or any number of other things. But the New Year, and the traditions of resolutions, gives you a chance to really focus on how to turn that goal from a hope or a plan into a reality.

We’ve gathered a few nice tips from various pieces on psychology and motivation that will help you succeed and complete your New Year’s resolutions.

Repeat The Resolution Daily

This is a fascinating tip – about as simple as they come and yet one we’d never thought of before (and we’re betting most others haven’t thought of either). It was recommended in an article putting forth six secrets of people who actually keep their New Year’s resolutions, and came from a rabbi named Shlomo Zalman Bregman.

The rabbi believes he was successful with his resolution (which was to engage more with his social media and website users) because each morning he wrote the goal down again.

As he put it, it’s not enough to simply make a mental note or write down a goal at the beginning of the year.

Doing it this way keeps the goal fresh, making it a daily effort as opposed to a vague ideal.

Seek Accountability

This is another tip from the same article just cited, and comes from a businesswoman names Jennifer Snyder.

Snyder discussed the idea of weekly meetings with other business leaders in which they’d go over weekly goals; she also mentioned the idea of holding herself accountable via quarterly check-ins. These are great ideas for someone with the discipline to hold him or herself accountable – but you could also take the idea of seeking accountability further by allowing others to help you.

Find a family member or friend who will check in with you about your goals, or even try to meet them with you. This way you’ll be accountable not just to yourself whenever you decide to take stock of your progress, but to someone else as well.

Learn Emotional Discipline

We’re borrowing this idea specifically from an article about the psychology of poker players, though it’s certainly more broadly applicable as well. The article discusses the idea of using meditation and breathing exercises (like Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, as it says) to learn how to keep emotion in check.

It’s easy to see how this might help in poker, but the truth is it can benefit you significantly in any experience that induces stress, or even just doubt.

When you’re struggling to reach a goal that’s part of your resolution, or when you think it might be easier to give up, practiced emotional discipline can keep you on track. You can learn to take deep breaths or even try yoga techniques to center yourself, calm your mind, and refocus your energies.

Give Yourself Rewards

A lot of New Year’s resolutions focus on one vague or overarching goal. Thus, it can be a little bit difficult to track progress toward that goal.

However, you should try to do just that, so that you can give yourself little rewards along the way.

One good idea is to focus on rewards that have nothing to do with the actual resolution. So for instance if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t treat yourself to a pizza after you’ve had a productive week. Pizza isn’t a bad idea though if you’re measuring progress toward a goal that has nothing to do with fitness or health.

Otherwise, just focus on something innocent and indulgent that you like, such as buying yourself a massage after a month or so of good progress.

Evaluate Yourself Honestly

This isn’t a complicated idea necessarily, but we actually got it from an article on the psychology of persistence in golf. Specifically the tip was to evaluate your performance honestly so as to improve weaker areas.

It’s easy to imagine this approach with golf, but really it could apply to just about any kind of New Year’s resolution.

For instance, if your goal is to lose weight or follow a healthier diet plan, and you’ve cheated once or twice over the course of the week, don’t block out the fact that you weren’t as diligent as you could have been.

Instead, recognize the issue, evaluate your progress honestly, and try to find ways to avoid similar slip-ups in the future.

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How To Set Goals You Can Actually Achieve



A lot people ask me how to set goals. But they should be asking how to set goals and make sure they can achieve them.

Otherwise it’s all for loss. Think about it: a goal set is only meaningful if it’s completed.

Ever hear the phrase “talk is cheap”? It’s often rightfully directed toward people claiming big goals without backing them up. That’s weak sauce. You don’t want to be a part of that group.

What’s going to make you most happy and fulfilled this year is if you clearly define your goals and then work your face off to make them a reality.

That’s the only way. There are no shortcuts that allow you to win without being disciplined, committed, and focused. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

And if we can learn how to set goals you can actually achieve, then we’re onto something big for every consecutive year for the rest of your life. That’s world changing information, if executed properly.

Here’s the two-step-method for how you set goals and make sure you follow through to accomplish them.

Step 1 – Specifically Define Your Goals

There’s no objective to complete if you first don’t know the overall mission. So Step 1 is to clearly define your goals.

Don’t give me any generic, stupid answers like, “I want to be smarter,” “I want to get bigger,” or, “I want to do good at work.” That’s a lazy thought, not a goal.

A good goal is something super specific and numerical that you can hang your hat on every morning and night, knowing the exact task at hand.

I’ll go first to show you what specific goal setting looks like. Here are my three goals for 2018:

  1. Grow Illumen Media to $250,000 in revenue
  2. Make $250,000 in personal income
  3. Work out 4 to 5 times a week

You can read more about my goals in this article, but do you see what I mean?

All three of my 2018 goals have numbers attached to them. And by the end of December I’ll have a clear baseline to determine if I succeeded or failed in my mission. There’s no gray area, and you don’t want any.

What are your three goals for this year? You see I have mine in a career, money, and health bucket. I recommend most people do the same. And three is a nice number because it’s not too many to keep track of or too little to make a big difference.

Stop reading this for a second, you can come back to it, and go write down three specific goals. You got this!

Again, just knowing our goals won’t do anything for me or you. Step 2 is what most people don’t complete and that sets them up for total failure.

You must do this next step, or else.

Step 2 – Define How You’ll Achieve Them

You have your goals written down? Excellent.

Here’s where you separate yourself from the pack to help yourself wake up every day and attack your goals, instead of procrastinating like a loser.

For Step 2, you must define how you’re going to achieve your goals.

By that I mean you need to go reflect and consider all of the individual steps or changes in routine needed to complete your goals.

For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds this year, don’t leave it at that. Instead have answers for:

  • How many times a week am I going to work out?
  • Where am I going to work out?
  • What time of day? Before work, at lunch, at night?
  • With who? A friend? A personal trainer?
  • How am I going to meal prep? When am I going to meal prep?
  • How am I going to drink more water?
  • How do I stay away from emotional eating? Do I get one cheat meal?
  • Who is going to hold me accountable besides myself?
  • What’s my motivation and reward for accomplishing this goal?

If it helps you, think of Step 1 as the overall mission, and Step 2 as the individual objectives that if accomplished will complete the mission. They go hand in hand.

This works because you give your brain a roadmap to accomplish your goals before you even get started. It also inspires confidence and belief in yourself that you can do these mini-tasks, and if so, you’ll accomplish your main goal.

That’s powerful! Trust me.

Again, I’ll set an example by defining my goals, but this time you’ll see a quick solution with each one of how it’s going to get done:

  1. Grow Illumen Media to $250,000 in revenue
    • Keep doing what we’ve been doing, sign bigger clients with larger retainers, land software deals, increase pricing
  2. Make $250,000 in personal income
    • Make Illumen Media as much money as possible so more comes to me, continue growing my personal brand, invest money into cryptocurrencies and stocks but don’t save much money
  3. Work out 4 to 5 times a week
    • Work out during lunch, when I have the energy, instead of at night when I’m exhausted from a long day of work

Now set aside time to take your list of goals and one by one define how you’re going to complete them. You can do this.

Setting Goals Wrap Up

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. – Melody Beattie

Going off on Melody’s theme, you get to write your story for 2018 and your entire life’s story. Take advantage of this!

Set ambitious goals. Take crazy action. Be patient. And never give up.

Even if you’re not dealt a perfect hand in life—no one is—it’s all about your mindset and making the most of it every single day.

I’m choosing to chase my goals and write the best life possible for myself.

What do you say? How’s your story going to go? Set goals, accomplish them, and then live in the truth that you’ve done all you could to improve your life. That’s what peace looks like.


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Telling Yourself ‘My Life Sucks’? Try Again



If you catch yourself saying, “You know what, my life really sucks right now,” odds are you’re delusional. Life is the greatest gift you’ll ever be given—even with its downsides.

Though I’ll admit there have been times in my life where I could relate to that negative attitude because, as much as I wish I was, I’m not always grateful.

For example, I specifically remember being suspended for a week during my senior year of high school basketball.

It was a little embarrassing. I didn’t get to see my friends on the team at practice or go to any team activities. I wasn’t able to play in games on a team I worked so hard to make. And the suspension relegated me from the starting lineup to the bottom of the roster when I came back—I had to earned the coach’s trust again, so he said.

That felt like the end of the world to an 18-year-old kid. I definitely said, “My life sucks,” a few times during that leave from the team.

When in reality, my actions didn’t make me an angel on that team. My reckless behavior got the best of me with the coaches and contributed to my sucky situation.

Plus, I had no clue how good I had it if getting suspended from a basketball team was the worst thing that happened. Other people my age were struggling with homelessness, hunger, and abuse. Apparently I thought the sun revolved around me.

The takeaway here is life didn’t suck during my basketball crisis, my actions leading up to that suspension and my mindset during the experience were the problems.

If I fixed either of those, I wouldn’t have gotten suspended for one, and I would have saved a ton of wasted energy and stress.

Whatever Sucks, You Can Change It


If you were hoping to get some sympathy here—I’m sorry but this is not the blog for you.

Because even if life is supposed to be fair—it’s not—how does complaining about something make it any better? How does that help you recover and move forward?

Exactly, it doesn’t.

Whatever is currently the part of your life that sucks, you can do two things: change your actions and/or have a better attitude.

If your job sucks

Dislike your job? Put in the work to go on a job search to land a better position that’s more aligned with your passion, pays more, or is closer to home. If you’re not qualified or don’t have the experience, bust your butt to improve. For those who stay at a job they hate for an extended amount of time, you have no one to blame but yourself.

An attitude switch would look like self-talk saying, “I know this job isn’t my favorite, but think about the experience and connections I’m getting. Or at least I can pay my bills because of it—some people would gladly switch places with me.” Finding a little good, even if it’s not a dream job, is the goal.

If your social life sucks

Anyone who doesn’t have as many friends and weekend invites as they want is simply not making enough effort. You need to introduce yourself to more strangers and reconnect with old friends. When you increase those introductions, you’ll find things in common and boom—friendship. Or just get a dog and you’ll have a new best friend right then and there. The only one impeding your social life is you.

You can also flip your mindset. I, for one, value quality of friends over quantity of friends. That’s one way to look at it. And the less friends you have can is sometimes good since you won’t be dragged to as many events you’re not interested in. Always consider the positives of a situation.

If your money situation sucks

Getting your money right comes down to thousands of small decisions that add up. If you’re in a bad place financially, I’m willing to bet you’re not saving enough, paying down debt, and investing extra money left over. It all comes down to your daily money decisions. Besides saving more, you need to seriously start reading about personal finance. Knowledge is not only power, it’s wealth.

If you have a bed to sleep on, food to eat, and clothes to warm yourself every single day, just remember that millions of people across the world are worse off than you. Consider people in rural Africa, Asia, and India, or the homeless in your city, to stop feeling sorry for yourself. And watch this video to feel rich when you’re broke.

If your romantic life sucks

Look at your actions first. Try meeting guys/girls at different locations than you usually do if you’re striking out. Ask one of the friends you trust to set you up. Experiment dating a guy/girl who isn’t normally your type. The key is different activity to get a different and better result: a parter you trust and love.

As for mindset, it’s key to understand the goal shouldn’t be to date for the heck of it, but to understand yourself and date the right person who makes you happy. Realize also that there isn’t just one guy or girl out there for you—but thousands of people find you interesting. Be confident in who you are and have faith you’ll meet the right person.

If your living location sucks

Like I’ve heard the saying before, “You’re not a tree, you can move anytime.” There are plenty of ways to improve your location. Go on a job search for a position in your favorite city. Save up money to make the big move if that’s the problem. Or stay put and travel more often to limit the amount of weekends you spend at home.

Maybe it’s best to stay put and change your attitude. Consider the idea that living at home, or in some particular city, is the best financial move in this season of your life. Think about how this process of building up your financial resources, before you can move to your favorite city, is teaching you patience.

If your family sucks

Finding it tough to build a closer relationship with your parents or siblings? Maybe it’s you. Try giving them the most kindness and patience you can muster. At least you’ll feel good knowing you made a serious effort to love on them better. And when you have your own family you can fill it with so much love that your kid always feels known and cared for.

As for attitude, you need to realize that you don’t get to pick your family. But be thankful your dad and mom conceived you, at the very least, you know? Without them, there’s no you. So they must have done something right.

If your physical body sucks

These actions are obvious. Start eating for energy and hit the gym if you’re tired of looking like a noodle or a slob. No one can improve your body fat except you. Plus, start getting enough sleep and living a healthy life in all aspects to train your mind and body to be discipline around temptation. That’s how you improve your physical appearance.

Mentally, whose body are you comparing yours to? Does your body actually suck? Or is it not perfect according to the media’s impossible standards? Maybe your body is good you just think it’s bad for the wrong reasons.

I hope in each case you saw how life doesn’t suck. You can change it through actions and attitude.

Make The Most Of The Present, You Only Got One Life


“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” – Henry David Thoreau

It’s insanity to worry about the past and unhelpful to get carried away by future anxiety that may never happen.

You’ll be healthier and happier when you focus on doing your best this very moment.

What’s crazy about this world is that the treasure—each moment—is hidden in plain sight. It’s right in front of us every day, just few of us notice.

It’s the air we breathe through our lungs, the ability to open our eyes and see, and the touch when hugging a loved one. Over time we take them for granted when we’d be best off cherishing the special moments of each day.

I’m making a more conscious effort to make the most of my one life, are you going to join me?

And before you click away, skim these two blog posts for a few tips on how to do that:

If you take those two challenges seriously and actually do them, they can change your entire perspective on life.

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