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Business Opportunities You Can Grab Today Thanks To The Internet



Things are not as they were even 10 years ago.

Technology advances at such a rapid rate, that it is almost becoming somewhat alarming.

While we can all sit here and think about how the machines are eventually going to take over the world, we could also make the best of the technology we have available today.

Other than just serving as one of the main sources of entertainment in the world, the Internet as we know it is a tool like no other.

Perhaps calling it a tool might seem a bit misleading as it is so diverse. A more appropriate name for it would be a “resource”, which is seemingly infinite to the average person.

Allowing one to look at cat videos one minute, then to study the importance of the Italian renaissance the next, it truly is a resource like no other.

Studying through the Internet.

Of course, other than just knowledge, we also have access to many tools which would be unthinkable mere decades ago as well as opportunities which were not so commonplace before.

For example, the ability to sell just about anything online, with relative ease, or buying design software like the Adobe Suite, or even maybe some CAD software which would otherwise be almost exclusively reserved for workshops.

If you put your mind to it, the world is your oyster. And with the number of opportunities presented to us in this day and age right in front of us on our own monitors or phone screens, we just don’t have too much of an excuse to not go ahead and grab them.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s look at just a few amazing opportunities available to you online, which you could go and get involved in, starting right now.

Get educated, get qualified, get skills

Whether you want to actually learn a skill or two, or you just want a fancy piece of paper with your name on it to appeal to some influential people, both options are fully available to you.

If you just want to learn to do something you are passionate about and know that if you get good enough at you could make a living off it, freelance or not, then you could even theoretically do it for free.

There are more than enough online tutorials and learning resources which are free of charge, scattered all over YouTube, personal blogs and tutorial websites.

Whether it happens to be graphic design which you want to get into, 3D modelling, or even programming, there is something for you out there to help you on your way.

Lessons can only get you so far with these kinds of things, but in the end, you need to put in the work yourself, practicing and experimenting.

If you wish to get qualified “properly”, with teachers and certificates and a program which teaches you the cutting edge industry standards, it won’t be free, but definitely still worth it.

This can range from just about anything, but to give you an idea of the scope of online teaching, you can even get an online psychology degree.

Of course, you can also go and learn all those things previously mentioned, in the proper, correct way, which will save you a lot of trial and error after hours.


The best thing about all this, is due to its online nature, the time schedule for these kinds of online courses is mostly pretty loose and rather flexible.

This allows you to partake without giving up your steady income which puts food on the table and a roof over your head.

Even if you feel like you are stuck in your job without much prospects and the rat race is really getting to you, just remember that these opportunities exist and you can make a career change even if you are already working your average 9 to 5 job.

Opportunity to run a shop

If you have access to stock of any kind, or you know someone who makes something, or perhaps you have previously acquired some skills which allow you to make something yourself, then we now live in an age where you can sell those things to anyone across the globe.

Online shopping has become such a staple part in people’s lives, that it is basically the standard right alongside normal old-fashioned shopping, and any physical outlet worth its salt has an online shop as well.

No matter whether you are selling arts and crafts, keychains, t-shirts, old things you find around the house, or something more along the lines of computer parts, smartphones or headphones, you can start running your online shop in no time.

Now, whether you decide to put these up on an existing online selling platform like Amazon or eBay.


Or you can host your own online shop on your very own website, that is entirely up to you.

If you host your own shop, it will most definitely seem a bit more prestigious and people will most probably be willing to dish out slightly more cash for your products.

That said, this will only work on certain markets, not to mention, your website does not get automatic exposure, unlike listings you make on an existing website.

If you put up your products on eBay or Amazon, they get included in people’s search results just by virtue of being on that website, and considering they are currently the two leading platforms in online shopping, it might be worth setting up an account.


Of course, at the end of the day, nothing is stopping you from running both, an online shop on your own domain, and a separate outlet on eBay, Amazon, Zazzle or Etsy.

In case this all seems like too much hassle for what it is, just keep in mind that the alternative is to get your very own venue somewhere in the city.

Pay rent for or buy said venue, keep it well maintained, deal with potential break-ins or robberies and a plethora of other issues which get completely taken out of the equation when your shop only exists in a virtual space.

Not that having a physical shop doesn’t come with its own merits, but it cannot exactly be ran from your bedroom or your garage.

Isn’t the Internet great?

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4 Reasons Why You Should Quit The Rat Race




If you feel you are constantly treading water at work, and the conveyor belt of mundane and monotonous days are starting to get you down, it’s time to consider why you should quit the rat race.

Think a little outside the box here: You need to earn a wage; that much is true.

However, you don’t need to be a full-time employee of some big fancy conglomerate in order to do this.

With the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained already or can quickly learn, you could take the plunge, branch out on your own and become an entrepreneur.

Take a look at why this option has become so appealing for millennial across the globe.

Unlimited Flexibility

Depending on the set up of your startup and the industry that you are working in, you may well have some ‘work from home’ days.

This means you can whip open the laptop while still in your pajamas sipping your favorite espresso.

It’s not unusual to relax on your sofa as you answer emails and organize meetings as you cook dinner. You will need willpower and self-control, so you don’t procrastinate for hours at a time scrolling meaninglessly through your social media feeds.

However, the flexibility and variety you have during your working week means you will never get bored.

Crash Course In Learning

Shifting from employee to entrepreneur is a shock no matter how much you try to prepare yourself. This doesn’t mean that you can’t carry on networking with the contacts you made in your previous life or continuing your professional development.

If you began a masters in engineering management online while you were employed, there’s no reason why you can’t complete it.

Developing industry-specific knowledge and becoming an expert in your chosen field will give potential new clients confidence in your abilities.

And there’s nothing like the crash course in learning that comes when it’s on you, and just you, to have the knowledge needed to push your company forward to another level.

It’s A Different Kind Of Stress

Once upon a time, you were kept awake at night thinking about the presentation you had the next day in front of your boss and other head honchos within a company you worked for.

Now the stress you will inevitably succumb to will revolve around your business decisions and cash flow.

While your working life may not become easy overnight, the stresses and pressures you find yourself under will be of your own making and to overcome them will mean success for you and your business.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a brave step. You are foregoing the decent wage, the excellent career prospects and job stability to venture forth with your money-making idea.

Enjoy the thrilling entrepreneurial roller coaster ride.

It Feels Good To Be An Entrepreneur

If you’re ever at some fancy dinner party and someone asks you what you do for a living, and you say that you own your own business, people struggle to keep their mouths from falling open in awe.

Being an entrepreneur is cool. Being a successful entrepreneur is ridiculously epic. 

No longer do you have to fit in with the ethos of another company as you can generate your own.

And most importantly, if you’re doing it for the right reasons, you feel good knowing you’re working on your passion for no one but yourself.

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Brian Robben’s Top 9 YouTube Moments Of 2017



1. My First Live TV Appearance!

Starting off the year strong, FOX 19 interviewed me live in front of their Cincinnati audience about my book How To College! I had a blast and can’t wait to get back on TV soon. This also helped me sell some books.

2. Is Talent Or Hard Work More Important? (answer’s obvious)

I’ll go to my grave with this answer simply because it’s been proven first hand in countless examples, but more so because I’ve witnessed this to be true in my own life. Watch the video and you better agree with me.

3. 15 Alternatives To College You Haven’t Heard

College is not the end all be all for 18-year-old kids who want to be successful later in life. There are an endless amount of possibilities to pursue instead, but here are just 15 different options you could take.

4. I’m Living The Dream As An Entrepreneur (Not Why You Expect)

Living the dream doesn’t mean what’s going on with your external circumstances. It’s more so knowing you’re following your dream and making progress every day to inch closer to achieving what you set out to.

5. Is Tai Lopez A Scammer? (The Truth)

Because he’s so popular now, I had to address my opinion about Tai Lopez and if he’s a scammer or not. Take a look to see my opinion with my reasoning behind it.

6. High School Basketball Taught Me An Unforgettable Lesson

You could say my high school basketball career was a failure after falling from the starting lineup to the bench because of two suspensions. Though it’s only because of these mistakes that I learned a crucial lesson I’ll never forget.

7. How To Land Your First 10 Marketing Agency Clients (drink with me)

Sales can be hard, or it can be easy if you follow these steps. I don’t know a lot of things (like handyman stuff), but my digital marketing company passed 6 figures in 5 months largely because of my sales performance.

8. The Best Business Idea For Beginner Entrepreneurs To Make Money

Look, I don’t want you to waste your time or money. I want you to start a business and dominate from the beginning. The way you do that is by following the sound advice in this clip.

9. Why 1 Bitcoin Can Be Worth $100,000 In A Few Years

I’ve been big on Bitcoin for years. Don’t be surprised if Bitcoin reaches $100k or even $1 million for 1 coin—I won’t be and half expect this price increase.

Want to see more of my YouTube videos? Click here.

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The Top 10 Take Your Success Posts Of 2017



Top 10 posts of Take Your Success in 2017.

Another year down, hundreds of blog posts published on this site, and one list of the top 10 Take Your Success articles of 2017. Wow, that was fast.

This recap post is an excellent segway into the new year because my loyal, long time readers can get a list of the best posts while any new readers can catch up on what they’ve missed.

If you go back through all of the content, you’ll see that the beginning of the year I focused mostly on career and personal development articles. And then I transitioned into where I feel most at home, publishing content on entrepreneurship and money. That’s my sweet spot.

It’s also been a little over a year since I launched the top book recommendations category, which has received a ton of love from you guys. I don’t know if that means you’re nerdy and buying these books after reading the summary or lazy and just reading the spark notes—but whatever it is I’m going to keep posting them when I get time to read a book.

Overall I’ve had a heck of a year with Take Your Success in 2017 and I’m always grateful for your support.

Alright, let’s get into it. Evaluated roughly on views and shares (and a mix of my personal opinion), I bring you the top 10 Take Your Success posts of 2017:

1. 15 Signs Your Job Is Ruining Your Life


Around the start of 2017 I hammered home the motto that you need to do work you love if you want maximum job satisfaction. Prestige and money can never stack up to on the job happiness. And ironically you’ll become more known and well=paid in your field when you’re working on your passion.

2. What Is Success?

Steve Jobs defines success.

The word “success” is in the name of this website and everyone around you wants to be successful. But where many of you go wrong is you haven’t identified what success is for yourself. And how can you be successful if that’s the case?

3. 15 Alternatives To College That Make Complete Sense


The wiser I get, the less I believe college is the right answer for most 18-year-olds who just graduated high school. Unless you need a college degree for your field (like doctors) or your parents are paying for it, take a good hard look at your different options because only one is going to leave you with close to $100,000 of debt and potential unemployment.

4. How To Build A Personal Brand That Precedes You


Think personal brands are only helpful if you’re a celebrity or athlete? Think again. This article explores how every professional can benefit from establishing a reputation that precedes them. And I wouldn’t be a good marketer if I didn’t take this opportunity to plug my new personal brand website

5. How To Land Your First Social Media Client


Fired up and fresh off closing more than 10 clients for my digital marketing company Illumen Media, I wrote this post in the fall to help out someone trying to break into the social media consulting space. It also has one of my most “interesting” videos in it, too. Check out the fun.

6. 10 Careers For People Who Love Helping Others


Are you one of those people with a heart of gold? You belong in one of these 10 careers named in that article. It’d be a shame for you and the people in your community if you didn’t put your natural talents to work.

7. What’s The Best Business Idea For Beginner Entrepreneurs?


If I can inspire some beginner entrepreneurs to start on the right path where they’re actually going to make money, then I’d feel good about myself. That’s the goal of this post, to share business advice that I fortunately learned myself. I easily could have picked the wrong path like many young entrepreneurs.

8. 9 Reasons Young Adults Are Insane Not To Invest In The Stock Market


Look, investing in the stock market can absolutely change your life if you do it right and are patient. I’m talking about a drastic change like moving from poor status to middle-class status, or from middle-class status to wealthy. When your money works for you, you got a good thing going.

9. Why 1 Bitcoin Can Be Worth $100,000 In A Few Years


2017 has to be the year of Bitcoin! It exploded across the globe and is now in headlines every day as the price goes up and down. While it’s a whole lot more expensive than prices just a few months ago, this article and video analyzes why the value of one Bitcoin may be worth far more in the future.

10. 18 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I Was 18


Age brings wisdom and I’m no longer 18 years old. But I dug deep to write these life lessons that are tried and true no matter how old you are. If you’re 18 and truly internalize this information though, the world is at your fingertips.

Promise me that going into 2018, you’re going to take your success!

Did you like this list? Be sure to also check out last year’s Top 10 Take Your Success Posts Of 2016 or the year before’s Top 10 TYS Posts Of 2015.

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