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How Often Should You Check Your Stocks?



Maybe you just bought stocks or you’ve got some experience, but you’re wondering how often should you check your stocks.

It’s a reasonable question to ask. And I’ll answer it soon.

But what’s not reasonable is this:

  • Making poor financial choices based on emotion
  • Stressing over things you can’t control
  • Letting a stock price hurt your productivity

I literally know people who will sit in front of their phone or computer and just refresh their stock prices, waiting to be stimulated with a new number. Sometimes they refresh the screen too fast for the stock price to move.

This is crazy. This is insane.

Because I’m sure they know this, but they sure don’t act like it: the stock price doesn’t change based on how many times they look at it.

Some people aren’t so over the edge as what I mentioned. But they will still spend time checking their stocks every hour or every day.

That’s too much!

Because once you make a decision to invest in a stock, don’t give yourself the torture of second guessing yourself every following hour or day.

If you are second guessing yourself constantly, you probably invested in the wrong stock.

(You could avoid all the second guessing and invest in Warren Buffett’s beloved S&P 500 Index Fund.)

Regardless of where you’re money’s invested, here are three reasons why I would never recommend checking your stocks every day.

1. Emotional Investors Lose Money

The absolute worst investing mistake is to buy high and sell low based on your emotions.

For example, if you see your stocks are down five days in a row, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things, your fear of losing more money could force you to sell at a loss.

But say day six rolls around and makes up the five days of losses. You didn’t get these returns because you sold too early.

Now you’re upset feeling that you’re going to miss more gains if you don’t buy back in, so you buy high.

And don’t forget that you’re also losing money from the transaction fees when you buy and sell.

Honestly, if you’re going to buy high and sell low, you’d be better off hiding your money in your bed sheets.

I mean come on, have some perspective and patience. Making money takes time!

Those that make money have a long-term perspective with their investments. And you don’t gain a long-term perspective by checking the stock price each time the hour hand turns.

The dude or chick who doesn’t check their stocks daily doesn’t have the temptation to sell their stocks daily. They aren’t emotional about their investments.

Not being emotional about your investments will also help you execute buy-and-hold investing, which works.  

The buy-and-hold strategy is exactly what it says it is: You buy a stock, or a fund that holds a group of stocks, and you hold it for decades. I’m talking 10, 20, 30, or 40 years.

And when you hold onto your stocks for at least a year, you pay a lesser capital gains tax instead of your normal tax rate.

The main point here is that building a long-term mindset toward your money will help it grow, and short-term decisions based on emotions will hit your bank account hard. When you check your stocks daily, you set yourself up to make poor financial decisions based on emotions.

2. Don’t Stress When You Don’t Have To

The only reason you’d be checking your stocks by the minute, hour, or day is if you cared about your money.

And caring about your money is a responsible motive. I’m not knocking you for that. The world would be a better place if more people were responsible with their finances.

But because you care, you also have the tendency to let a stock’s performance influence your mood. If a stock is regularly down, many investors are depressed the rest of the day—even if they lost only a few hundred dollars.

It doesn’t help that research finds losing money hurts more than it feels good to make money.

And your mood shouldn’t be in the red each day you check a stock ticker and it’s in the red. That’s giving up power when you don’t need to.

You decide if you want to feel happy, grateful, and positive.

Don’t chain your happiness to a company’s stock, or what affects it—global economy, globalization, and weather. That’s ludicrous.

If you want to be healthier and less stressed, don’t check your stock prices each day.

3. Be More Productive

Say you only check your stocks once a day. You’re quick about it and it only takes two minutes.

That’s not so bad, right? Wrong.

Two minutes a day times 365 days comes out to 12 hours you spent doing something you don’t need to do. Over two years, you lost 24 hours—an entire day of your life—doing an unnecessary chore.

For your own good, move on to do more productive things with your life than checking a screen.

If you’re not happy where you’re at financially, your time is better spent making money than checking how your invested money is doing.

Pick up a side income. Work harder at your main job.

These two moves will help you build progress to raising your monthly income faster than a stock.

Or use this time to get your health or relationships in order.

Gaining more time in your day is a clear win over knowing how your stock price moved over the last 15 minutes.

Here’s How Often You Should Check Your Stocks

I recommend you check your stocks once a month.

This is a healthy amount of time to see how your investments are doing without being obsessive or irresponsible. You need a healthy relationship with your money just like the people around you.

If the idea of only checking once a month makes you sick—meaning you just outed yourself as someone who checks by the hour or day—begin by checking once a week.

Then over time advance to checking once a month.

The prices will go up or down regardless of your awareness. So why not take advantage of the fact that stocks are low-maintenance? Index funds are especially low-maintenance.

Now there could be unique situations—maybe when you’re looking to buy or sell an individual stock—where it’s helpful to keep your eye on the price each day to make a move.

But in your average month, the common investor doesn’t need to check their stocks more than once a month.

I promise they will still be there when you come back. And if things go according to history, your stock prices will grow around 7% each year with or without your attention.

Want more strategies to reach financial freedom sooner rather than later? Order my book Freedom Mindset.



How To Make $200k In 1 Year At 24 Years Old



Have dreams of making $200k? Want to do it in a certain amount of time? You’ve found the perfect article to accomplish this.

After some serious hustle, a few wise investments, and one heck of a 2017, I’m fortunate to say that I made over $200,000 last year at only 24 years old.

The rest of this blog post is going to break down how you can do it, with helpful examples of how I did it.

Now it’s very unlikely you can do it the same way I did. Because by the time you’re reading this, the opportunities will be different and your circumstances will be different.

You’ll need to do it your own way, as you should anyway if you want to feel a true sense of accomplishment.

You ready? Here we go!

How To Make $200k In A Calendar Year


Set A Goal To Make $200,000

Be prepared, we’re getting complicated right off the bat: If it’s not your goal to make six-figures two times over then it’s not going to be your reality when the year is over. Facts!

Don’t only set the goal to make this kind of money, but commit to it. Say it must happen. It has to, or else. But there’s no or else in this scenario.

That’s the mentality I had when why I wrote at the end of my note card in the video above that, “This is reality!”, and it’s how I pushed through to achieve my income goal.

No one, nothing, could have stopped me from doing everything in my power to accomplish it.

When your goal becomes more like an unbreakable bond, then you mean business while you prep yourself for the work that is about to go down.

Also, again obvious, you need to plan how you’re going to accomplish your goal. Unless you own the joint, working at McDonald’s won’t make you $200k in a calendar year. You got no shot!

It’s important you set goals, like starting your own business, that give you a chance to bring in profits that a 9 to 5 job doesn’t.

How I did it:

If you check out the video above, you’ll see my note card where I wrote my 2017 income goal.

Honestly, you’d be wise to write a similar note card. There’s power in the written word.

If you’re looking for a prompt, it goes like this:

  • (Insert your name) will make $200,000 this year. To achieve it, he/she will _____ and _____. He/she will accumulate it through _____ and _____. This is reality!

What’s interesting is the target started at $100,000 and then the goal kept increasing as I hit more milestones all the way past $200,000.

This also taught me to set the bar higher going forward, because why not?

P.S. By the end of 2018, my net worth goal is $1,000,000, millionaire status.

Hustle To Make As Much Personal Income As Possible

Now it’s time to obsess over action.

The only way you’re going to make the invisible, your lack of hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, is through over the top action.

This one word can change your entire life if you take it for all it’s worth. Or a lack of action can be the reason you throw away another year to make your dreams a reality.

You should have already started your business or picked up a second job or started working 100 hours a week at your current job if you want this bad enough. That’s the only way to get it done—seriously.

Every extra hour you work is more money entering your world, and gives you more opportunities to turn that initial money into bigger profits. This is true no matter if you’re an hourly employee, salaried, or business owner who only gets paid when you sell to customers.

So go take action every single day. Because whether you reach your income goal or miss it, you’ll be in a better financial and career place thanks to your effort.

How I did it:

I could have said, “I already do enough. Let’s just be patient and slowly build my book revenue, blog advertisement fees, coaching business etc.”

But instead I took massive action by starting my digital marketing company. Though I didn’t drop anything else I committed to earlier. Instead, to make more money (and do what I love) I added this business owner role on top of everything else going on.

That’s what I mean by action. If your mission is to make $200k this year then there’s no time for movies, TV shows, and board games.

It’s all about that work, work, work.

With the extra income from my company Illumen Media, I deployed that into the next crucial step in this process: investing.

Invest 99% Of The Money You’ve Saved To Produce More Money

What do you prefer? Your money sleeping all day in a savings or checking account, so in a year you’re stuck with the same amount. Or investing your money so that it works 24/7 to return you crazy profits for the rest of your life?

The answer is crystal clear: You need to get your money working for you, through investing, if you’re going to make $200,000 in a year.

You almost have no other choice if you want to get wealthy.

However, if you skip the step before this, you’ll have no cash to invest. That’s why it’s a team effort between saving and investing.

And if you can—say you’re wisely investing in an index fund that matches the S&P 500—set up automatic investments that go straight from your checking account to your investment brokerage account. (This is possible with just about every brokerage company.)

Automatic investments ensure you pay yourself first and set your future up for financial freedom.

Or if you’re swinging for the fences, then you need to invest in cryptocurrencies, real estate, or something with quicker upside than an index fund.

How I did it:

I invested almost everything I made in cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

Take a look at the damage:

  • I bought Bitcoin before 2017, but held onto it through all of 2017. It started January 1, 2017 at around $1,000 and then ended the year a little over $14,000. So I made 14 times every dollar I invested into Bitcoin. My BTC investment gets the most credit for my $200,000 income year.
  • I bought Ethereum in May 2017 when it was trading at $170 for one coin and it ended 2017 at just about $775, so that right there is like 4.5 to 5 times my money.
  • I bought a good chunk of Litecoin this summer when it was around just $50 in 2017, and it’s now over $200.
  • Tesla and my guy Elon Musk returned over 38% in profits last year to give my portfolio a boost.
  • My index funds and the S&P 500, where a good amount of my retirement nest egg is invested, returned over 18% in profits in 2017.

All those investing profits are how 80% of my 2017 fortune was made. If you’re sleeping on investing your money, your bank account doesn’t know what it’s missing.

$200k Income Wrap Up

That’s how my money came together last year.

Was I fortunate? For sure, not many people saw Bitcoin exploding for over 1,500% in that time span.

But did I hustle my face off, make the right money choices, and put myself in position to capitalize on a $200,000 year at 24 years old? You better believe it.

There’s nothing stopping you from going all out as well to see where the chips fall at the end of the year.

You just have to decide if you have it in you or if you don’t actually want financial freedom, you just enjoy talking about it.

My hope is that you join me in the arena. The world needs more people who push themselves to the limit to better their situation and the people’s around them.

You can earn $200,000 in a year. Now go do it!

Want more money advice? Watch my How To Get Rich playlist on YouTube.

This article or any of the material in it is not investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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The Definitive Guide To The 5 Hottest Cryptocurrencies Heading Into 2018



Hottest cryptocurrencies of 2018.

Despite naysayers saying that cryptocurrencies will bubble within the year, they continue to defy expectations by enjoying price boosts. Bitcoin, which was priced at $997.69 on January 2017, skyrocketed to $19,343 in December.

The recent publicity towards Bitcoin’s price surge has led to an increase in interest in the other cryptocurrencies as well.

Experts believe this is due to some form of trickle-down effect. Investors who become interested in Bitcoin realize that there are more digital currency investment options.

As a result, the other cryptocurrencies have also experienced price hikes in the past months, although not to the same extent as Bitcoin. Litecoin experienced a 225% price jump just this month, which led financial analysts Mitch Steves and Amit Daryanani to speculate that 2017 is just the beginning of the cryptocurrency boom.

While some experts dismiss the suggestion that cryptocurrencies may eventually replace traditional money, they also acknowledged that their prices will continue to soar in 2018.

A previous Take Your Success article even talked about how crypto coins are making their way into the Christmas stockings of investors. It’s only one of the many proofs of the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency.

Below are the top five cryptocurrencies that have positive 2018 projections from analysts across the world.


Bitcoin remains as the head of the pack when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and analysts say that its rally will not stop in 2018.

Managing director of cryptocurrency trading firm Octagon Strategy Dave Chapman estimates that Bitcoin will go beyond $100,000 before 2018 ends. The expert, who earlier predicted that the digital currency will breach $10,000 in 2017, has an overall positive outlook towards the cryptocurrency. He took the position that Bitcoin is on its way to disrupting traditional financial systems with its ability to allow the immediate transfer of value without any need for middlemen.

Nonetheless, Coinwire reported that Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary warned investors to take care when investing in Bitcoin. While he acknowledged that Bitcoins are assets, he also said that buying them is a gamble, with investors potentially losing all the money they put into it. He advised those interested in investing in Bitcoin to understand it better first before putting their money in it.

Its high cost – currently on its way to breaching the $20,000 mark – has dissuaded all but the richest investors in purchasing or mining this digital currency. Instead, they have turned to other cryptocurrencies.


Recently, Blockchain CEO Peter Smith announced that central banks are likely to hold Bitcoin and Ether by 2018. If this pushes through, this will be the first time that digital currencies will be bought by such financial institutions. This potential development can spell good news for Ethereum, which is already enjoying a price rally in the past months. Since its inception in 2015, it has enjoyed growth by over 1,200%.

Interestingly enough, Ethereum is not actually marketed as a digital currency, but rather as a smart contract network. According to experts, it is this aspect of Ethereum that explains why Ethereum actually has a more efficient system and covers a broader scope than Bitcoin. In fact, some experts are currently exploring whether the system can be used as a supply-chain efficiency solution.

Many Fortune 500 companies support Ethereum, which gives an indication of the cryptocurrency’s status as a sound investment choice.


Bitcoin might have the highest price compared tp other cryptocurrencies in 2017, but it’s actually Litecoin – which is being marketed as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold – that experienced a more dramatic surge. Fortune reported that Litecoin rose by 7,291%, as opposed to Bitcoin’s 1,731%.

Ironically, Litecoin’s creator Charles Lee maintains that he developed the digital currency to complement and not compete with Bitcoin. Still, more investors are now shifting to Litecoin because it is easier to mine and offers faster transactions.

Unlike Bitcoin which is focused on hefty transactions, Litecoin is packaged as a platform that can manage a large volume of small transactions quickly and efficiently. A Litecoin transaction can be completed roughly within 2.5 minutes, as opposed to Bitcoin, which processes transactions at around 10 minutes. Litecoin’s lower price, compared to Bitcoin, also makes this more accessible to budding cryptocurrency investors.


IOTA recently made headlines when its price surged by over 90%. The spike happened after an announcement of its partnership with major tech firms such as Microsoft and Samsung on a marketplace that allows them to sell data.

The developers of IOTA claim that it is the first platform anchored on the Internet of Things. It stands out from other cryptocurrencies because it does not rely on the traditional blockchain network. Instead, it uses an alternative system, a ‘blockless’ digital ledger called Tangle. In theory, it has no limit for scaling, as opposed to cryptocurrencies operating on a blockchain network.

Furthermore, it does not require users to pay additional fees when making transactions. IOTA effectively created an incentive system for data sharing, all while ensuring data integrity.

Investors can enter trading with IOTA via Bitfinex.


Ripple is considered by many experts to be the spiritual successor of Bitcoin, and it has already gathered its own share of supporters. It’s even accepted today as a payment platform for digital transactions. In the first half of 2017, its price surged by almost 4,000%. At the time of writing, Ripple is currently trading at $2.40 per unit. This is far past the benchmark of $0.75 which was considered as the threshold for the cryptocurrency to gain traction.

If the positive trend becomes more consistent, Ripple might get the support of more big firms as well. Oracle Times declared that it is likely to become the cryptocurrency of choice for Amazon, as well as other Internet-based retailers. This is because of Ripple’s faster transaction times and lower costs compared to Bitcoin.

Global financial retailers are more interested in stability than investment for the sake of its customers. This is precisely the reason why they tend to lean towards cryptocurrencies with lower volatility levels.

Disclosure: The author has invested in these cryptocurrencies. Also, this article is meant for information purposes only and is not investment advice. Seek a licensed professional if you’re looking for investment advice.

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Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Investor’s Shopping List



Christmas gifts for cryptocurrency investors.

Are you shopping for the perfect gift for the cryptocurrency investor on your Christmas list? Look no farther. This is the ultimate guide for you.

From decked out Christmas party gear to adding to a lucky someone’s investment portfolio, the person who you’re buying for will be thrilled with each and every one of these present ideas.

I know as an investor in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies myself, I would be pumped if I opened any one of these gifts.

Also there are presents on this list that range all across the price spectrum from thousands of dollars to a few dollars—and a free bonus gift at the end.

I made sure that individuals with any budget could find something for who they’re buying for or themselves.

Let’s get into my top 10 shopping list for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrency Investor’s Shopping List

1. A cryptocurrency itself

Almost every cryptocurrency is exploding in value right now. What better gift than to add to their portfolio by buying a specific coin (or part of a coin) for them?

You can buy it, wait until December 25th, and then send the money to them. They’ll wake up with a nice surprise and a higher net worth thanks to your generosity.

And who knows, if the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to rise then you may have gifted them something that becomes worth 20 times more than what you bought it for down the road. Name another gift that can do that.

If you’re looking to buy your first cryptocurrency, head over to Coinbase and sign up there.

2. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

As much as I love the crypto world and believe in it—considering I could see one Bitcoin  reaching $100,000—the major downside is the threat of losing all of your money.

The way the ledger technology works is once the cryptocurrency leaves your account, there’s no way of getting it back. Sometimes that’s fine because you’re sending money to someone or transferring to another account of yours.

But the scary part is if you get hacked, there’s essentially no way to recover the funds. You’re out of luck and in total misery.

However, the odds of your personal account being hacked go down significantly if you store your money offline in a wallet. Here’s where the Ledger Nano S helps out.

It’s a hardware wallet that allows you to store your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alternative coins. To use it, just hook up the device through a USB outlet to your computer and then you can send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Most people in the industry consider this one of the safest methods for securing your funds.

3. Fire-proof safety deposit box

Assuming you already have or are going to purchase the Nano Ledger S, that doesn’t protect you from losing this device in a home break-in or a fire. So what’s the solution? A fire-proof safety deposit box.

The safe box I linked to is 10 pounds of steel, fire proof, and gun proof. Talk about a beast! Plus it’s small enough to carry and not a gigantic box where you need to recruit a small army to move it.

Put your Nano Ledger S in that box and sleep safer at night.

P.S. This gift is only needed if you’re protecting more than a few thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency. For example, if the safe costs more than or close to the amount of money you have invested, you’re getting ahead of yourself and you should hold off on buying the safe.

4. Collector’s item Bitcoin

While a real Bitcoin will currently cost you nearly $20,000—a year of college or a new car—I personally think it’d be cool to receive a physical Bitcoin with no money attached to it, just to have.

Seeing this physical coin on my desk would inspire me to make more money, save more money, and invest more into Bitcoin because I’m very bullish on it going forward. I’m a big believer in the power of symbols.

Obviously there’s not any money attached to it, like there can be with legitimate physical Bitcoins, but it’s still fun as long as you don’t try to sell it for $20,000 only to get arrested for fraud.

And this physical coin on your desk would serve as a nice reminder to hold onto that investment and don’t sell. Hodl!  

5. The Internet of Money book

The author, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, is one of the world’s thought leaders on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space. But he’s not in it to confuse the average investor with fancy jargon only a miner would understand.

He breaks down the complex ideas behind the blockchain into digestible bites of information for the reader to consume and pass along to others.

If I remember correctly, I believe in one of his speeches that Antonopoulos said he put his entire net worth into Bitcoin (but I may be wrong).

Anyway, the author is a genius and you’ll inch closer to becoming an expert in this space by getting your knowledge on through reading this book.

6. Digital Gold book

Buying for someone who wants to know where Bitcoin originated and how it’s trying to be the financial currency for the Internet age? Author Nathaniel Popper tells the story of Bitcoin and the people who are trying to reinvent the way the world thinks of and uses currency.

It’s a fascinating read that’s full of useful information for anyone who is remotely interested in this subject. Plus the insight from Bitcoin millionaires is fantastic.

You can’t go wrong with Digital Gold!

And if the person you’re buying for isn’t a reader, then buy them the audiobook. It’s just as good.

7. Bitcoin socks

Bitcoin socks are what the person you’re shopping for needs to spice up their outfit. Their shirt, pants, and shoe combination can be boring, but your socks are where you show you have a personality.

Seriously, these black Bitcoin socks would go together with a black pants and black shoe combination while spicing up your vibe in a good way.

And I’m betting the person who wears these socks will get compliments left and right. So, maybe your gift is the reason a stranger strikes up a conversation and becomes their best friend or significant other. You never know.

8. Cryptocurrency t-shirt swag

People who want others to know they’re fashionable wear Supreme. But my kind of people who want others to know they’ve invested in Bitcoin and are holding until it hits the moon wear cryptocurrency swag.

There are beautiful shirts reading “I accept Bitcoin”, “HODL”, and “You had me at blockchain”.

You can find a t-shirt for just about any cryptocurrency that’s your favorite like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Iota, etc, and then there’s individual shirts that apply more to investors or miners.

The point being is Amazon has the cryptocurrency swag for the person you’re shopping for, no doubt about it.

9. Bitcoin-inspired ugly Christmas sweater

I’m not saying it’s the most fashionable purchase and that’s not the point. The point is to say, “I have my money in Bitcoin. I’m probably going to be rich too.”

Ugly Christmas sweaters are now a necessity to any wardrobe with these types of parties becoming a mainstream theme for almost any work, neighborhood, or extracurricular event around this time of year.

This sweater is also the perfect conversation starter that will get people talking about the blockchain, investing, and the future. If you’re buying for yourself or a friend and want some conversational assistance at a party, this is for you.

Get yours today because we all know that Bitcoin is way hotter right now than Santa ever was.

10. “Keep Calm And HODL” Bitcoin mug

Thank God for giving us humans coffee. It’s my everything in the morning.

But why have a boring coffee mug if you can have a Bitcoin-themed one? This mug says “KEEP CALM AND HODL” which is perfect for Bitcoin investors.

Again, I believe visual symbols are important. So if you can start your work day or weekend with a warm cup of coffee that reminds you to hold onto your investment and don’t sell it, odds are you’re going to be far richer in the future.

There are also other cryptocurrency-themed mugs, so take a look and treat your friend or yourself to one.

*11. Bonus gift

For everyone who has invested in Bitcoin and has once considering selling, give them or yourself the gift of visiting this website:

This amazing page always has a new GIF tells the answer we all need to hear. Brilliant!

Disclosure: The author does own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in his portfolio. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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